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Millions of households throughout the world have leather. From furniture, to automobile seating to leather jackets, the install base of leather is enormous. Providing proper care is essential to protect these investments. There is a huge knowledge gap about the best way to care and maintain leather. The gap needs to be filled with knowledgeable Leather Technicians servicing their local market. This is the fundamentals of a need crying to be addressed. There are franchise programs costing many thousands of dollars tapping into that demand. Advanced Leather Solutions has a better answer. PU leather

It starts with a leather repair and restoration training program. We’ve created a “Business in a Box” concept that doesn’t require a huge up front investment to get into the lucrative business or Leather Repair and Restoration. With our program, you will become a proficient leather technician ready to tap into this growing market. Think of all the homes with leather furniture, all of the leather in automobiles, and leather garments. Each one is a potential revenue opportunity. To be an effective Leather Technician you have to be armed with the right knowledge. That learning process begins with the essentials of our training program.


Objective Statement —

This course is intended for people who repair and restore leather. At the conclusion of the course, the attendee will have a basic grasp of how to access a problem, develop a strategy for repair and execute the appropriate steps to create the most effective solution possible.

Course Includes —

1. A fully outfitted professional level mobile kit with electrical wiring built in to support the included compressor, top-of-the-line airbrushing equipment, professional quality heat gun, etc. Additionally the kit contains all the other necessary tools and chemistry for repairing damaged leather. This is the same kit our service technicians use. It has evolved over the last 23 years of field repairs by our technicians to be as reliable, efficient and complete a repair kit as possible.

2. 3 1/2 days of hands-on training with each attendee working from his/her personal kit. The lead trainer has been repairing leather furniture for over 21 years, having successfully repaired thousands of damaged leather furniture pieces. The course takes that deep practical experience and brings it to each attendee.

3. One hundred eighty page Leather Technician’s Field Guide that covers the course material. It is written in an organized, easy-to-read fashion. The attendee can focus on the hands-on activities without the need to take notes as the specific techniques are all well documented in the training guide.

4. Our commitment to follow-on telephone support. Our technical support team is ready to answer any questions and assist in any way possible in solving the problems faced by the attendee when back on the job.

5. Access to our library of DVD based training modules with a 3 year subscription.

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